Our European Professional Pilot training program

Integrated or modular ATPL ground course Aerocampus- Bordeaux- France 

  • Ground courses
  • Progress tests
  • Reviewing
  • examinations  
  • English courses
  • Virtual immersion 


9 months

Basic and Advanced Flight training Brussels-Belgium




  • Ground courses + FAA PPL written test
  • Briefings
  • Dual flight 
  • Solo flight
  • Night Rating
  • Solo flight (structured time building) 
  •  Final EASA progress check




  •  Briefings
  •  ME simulator (Instrument  Rating)
  •  Dual flight (Instrument Rating) 
  •  SPIC* flight (IFR cross country)  
  •  Final CPL/IR/ME Skill Test


*SPIC: Student Pilot In Command (= flight  with a flight instructor who acts as a safety pilot)




  • Ground course
  • A320 simulator training


14 Months 

UPRT training Brussels-Bordeaux

Wecair has developed  a new advanced UPRT course, which is to be mandated by EASA as an addendum to ATP and MPL training courses and also to serve as a prerequisite prior to commencing the first type rating course in multi-pilot operations. This is seen as an important step towards enhancing a commercial pilot’s resilience to the psychological and physiological aspects often associated with upset conditions.


1 Week 

News Flash 



New Training session 

     MARCH PROM 2019

ATPL integrated and modular cours starts 25 th March 2019