Our team gives wings to ambitions

The WECAIR Team is made up of passionate people. They devote themselves in passing on their knowledge and experience to make our students "job-ready". It is all about understanding the needs of the aviation industry. We do not want good pilots, we want great pilots ! 

The Founders 






















Philippe Borghini (General Manager) & Krista Vandermeulen (President) 

Our happy people team 


Jacques Suire 

Head of Training


Cpt TRI A320, TRI/B747/400, ATR, CRJ200


"All our team of instructors (25) are severely selected based upon their experience in aviation and their educational skills. We prefer to work with active instructors working with airlines in order to meet the latest requirements set by airline companies. This offers for our students a springboard to pass with ease the standards of the airliners.


Marc Miglior 

Lead UPRT Instructor  


A320 pilot,  B737 pilot,

Aeronautical engineer and Flight Test pilot rated CAT 1, FI/CRI 



News Flash 



New Training session 

     MARCH PROM 2019

ATPL integrated and modular cours starts 25 th March 2019