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Wecair is an international pilot training school where students are prepared to the exact needs and requirements of airline companies.


The international strategy is at the core of our curriculums. It is a number one priority to give the students the possibility to travel around the world during their studies and to evolve in a multicultural and international environment. Their future job as a pilot requires an excellent knowledge of english and the possibility to react and adapt to various situations.
Therefore we are focused on creating new partnerships and encouraging student and staff mobility.

We create new partnerships based on:

  • The coherence of the programs: academic goals, ways of teaching, balance between theoretical and practical training.
  • The quality of the program: which is verified by our instructors
  • The possibility of creating double degrees with the partner institution. The students integrating our Global Program will obtain an EASA and FAA licence 

Starting your theoretical training in Bordeaux at Aerocampus, the heart of the aeronautical business in Europe, learn to fly in excellent weather conditions whilst practicing your english and finishing in a very complex airspace in Brussels where you be learned to handdle all situations, makes you a unique and experienced pilot for any employer.   

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New Training session 

     MARCH PROM 2019

ATPL integrated and modular cours starts 25 th March 2019